Ondaatje, Michael: Warlight.

What a wonderful novel! Some 25 years after his masterpiece ‘The English Patient’ Ondaatjes new novel asks how we become what we are, when we don’t even know who (and where) our parents actually are. Nathaniel and his sister Rachel grow up under the guardianship of two caring but dubious men. Their parents left them, as we get to know later, to fight in a war that supposedly ended in 1945. When Nathaniel gets older he tries to figure out the life of his mother, having only pieces of his memory and some unofficially obtained documents from the agency he is now working at. Ondaatje is a brilliant stylist, who knows how to tell things by not writing them down: With Warlight he gives us a melancholic yet heart-warming book, a search for identity and love during the uncertainty of post-war London.


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